The fortified town of Montlhéry

I offer you the opportunity to understand the evolution of a part of a fortified city from the 13th century to the present day and brought to light through archaeological excavations. You will be able to contemplate the city from another angle and discover the history of this city which was an economic center of royalty for several centuries. This research makes it possible to tackle the question of the organization of urban spaces (garbage dumps, habitat, storage, forge, wine making) as well as the evolution of a plot plot that has disappeared today.
Several cellars have also been discovered, precious vestiges of history. The visit is strictly supervised and can only be accompanied. It is also temporary because the site is intended for the construction of a building complex.


  • Langue principale : Français
  • Langue secondaire : Anglais


  • Difficulté : Facile
  • Accessible au personne ayant une déficience visuelle : No
  • Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite : No
  • Prices are expressed by hour incl tax (Time zone : Paris)
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